How long will it take to ship my parcel(s)?

Standard Shipping

We offer free shipping on most orders if shipping to the US or Europe. Packages usually reach your destination in 3-7 business days, shipping from our warehouse in US or EU. (In stock in the warehouse)

US Warehouse Address:1760 SULPHUR SPRING RD, HALETHORPE, MD 21227 USA

Germany Warehouse Address: Breitefeld 15, 64839 Münster (Hessen), Germany

We will charge a shipping fee if sending to other places (Not in the U.S. and Europe), or shipping from China (out of stock in the warehouse), the shipping fee depends on the size, weight, and location of your order. Packages usually reach your destination in 15-20 business days, but occasionally take longer. Orders placed after 10 am Pacific Time may require +1 day to process. For example, orders placed after 10 am on a Friday may not be processed and shipped until the following Monday.


Expedited Shipping

If sent elsewhere (outside the US and Europe), or shipped from China (US & EU warehouse out of stock), expedited shipping usually takes 5-10 days less to deliver than standard shipping. Shipping costs depend on the location.

Orders placed after 10 am Pacific Time may require +1 day to process. For example, orders placed after 10 am on a Friday may not be processed and shipped until the following Monday.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship to any country in the world.

I messed up my delivery address, what do I do?

Reach out to immediately regarding the error, we will change it for you. Just email us your full name and correct address, we will update the shipping details for you.

About import duties

Will I be charged import duty?

Your order may be subject to import duties or taxes when the shipment reaches your country. Tax fees may vary depending on the country the order is shipped to. Each country/state has its own threshold after which taxes will be applied. Please contact your customs office for specific amounts and percentages.

Please note that our store cannot control and is not responsible for any duties/taxes applied to your package and will not cover any additional charges for customs clearance. On rare occasions, customs agents may delay the delivery of some packages.

About product

Can not pair the Bluetooth or Divoom app does not show your device?

1. Turning off the Bluetooth/cellphone, then restart the Bluetooth/mobile phone; you can also reset the speaker (press and hold the light button for more than 10s to reset the speaker)

2. Clear the infrequently used pairings in the Bluetooth list (if there are too many devices, it will sometimes affect Bluetooth pairing)

3. Restart the Divoom app or reopen your cellphone

4. Whether there is a sound of successful Bluetooth connection when turning on the device, judge whether anyone else has connected the device, it is recommended to customize the pairing password (if connected by others: press the Bluetooth button for traditional speakers to disconnect the Bluetooth; press the power button twice to disconnect Bluetooth or long-press the light button for more than 10S to reset the pixel speaker)

5. Try another mobile phone (it may be that some mobile phones have compatibility issues or the mobile phone Bluetooth version is too low)

6. If the above ways do not work, please try: IOS system, especially ios13.1 or ios13.2, it is recommended to upgrade the new-released ios system; Android system, it is recommended to try another mobile phone

The speaker cannot be charged normally?

1. After connecting the charger, is the charger indicator light red?

2. The red light does not turn on. Check whether the charging cable is plugged in and whether the charger supports 5V output.

3. The red light is on. Check whether the output current of the charger is within 1-2A, or try a genuine charger

4. Plug in the charger to charge the red light flashing, indicating that the speaker battery is broken

Machine noise, broken sound?

1. Please use a separate charger for charging. It is not recommended to use the computer's usb to charge and use aux. to listen to music at the same time.

2. If the user plays some strange music, there may be noise and abnormal noise. It is recommended that the customer listen to other songs or compare other speakers to see if they have the same problem. It is difficult for speakers at our price level to ensure that every song is played well. (There is no other speaker and you can listen to the song on your cellphone to check whether the song itself is a problem)

3. Check to see if the sound effect of the player is turned on, causing the wrong playing of the speaker.

4. Check if there is any foreign matter in the speaker position

Unable to power on?

1. Determine whether the wire is in good condition and whether the charging indicator of the machine is on. If the indicator light is on, charging is ok; for some machines without indicator light, try another charging cable.

2. Determine if the charger is correct. Many of our machines require 5V, 2A. Some counterfeit chargers have a charging current of only 200-300ma, and it will take a long time to charge.

3. The battery of the machine that has been left for too long may be exhausted, and it needs to be charged with the correct cable and charger for about half an hour to recover. You can let the customer charge for a while and then wait.

4. Unplug and plug the USB cable and try it. Sometimes there may be a software bug. It may be fine to try again. There is a chance.

5. After long pressing the power button for 8S, can it be turned on by pressing the power button again?

FM does not work?

1. First confirm whether the operation is correct (check the manual)

2. It is best to plug in the antenna or usb line to enhance the signal when searching for a station by long pressing.

3. If it is difficult to receive the table indoors, it is best to lean against the window or extend the antenna outside.

About settings

How to restore the factory settings of the speaker?

Press POWER BUTTON for 8s to reset the traditional speakerPress the light button for 10s till the pixel speaker is powered off

How to set the alarm?

1. A disposable alarm clock can be set on the speaker, please refer to the manual for details.

2. Use APP to set the alarm clock (Up to 10 alarm clocks can be set). Find Good Morning Wake-up in the APP-select an alarm clock to turn on-set the alarm time-week-whether to recycle-click the upper right corner after the alarm ring method Note: Set the alarm clock to distinguish between morning and afternoon

Note: After the alarm is activated, the alarm will ring for five minutes, the snooze waits for five minutes, the bell rings for five minutes, the snooze waits for ten minutes, and the bell rings for five minutes.

How to change the time?

After connecting to the APP, the time is automatically updated to the time on the phone. (If you use the APP to calibrate for a period of time, the criterion is that the crystal oscillator of the machine is deviated, and repair it)

How to edit a special name or set a password for your device to restrict other devices to connect it?

 1.  Open app to find your device on device list and connect it correctly; settings-device-Name the device or connect via password-click the blank part of pop-ups where lower of the "change device name" to fill in text to change that.

What should I do if I forget the connection password?

Use the Dianyin APP to connect to the machine, and you can see the set password in the set connection.

About function

About recording function?

Can record (recording can be realized on the device APP)

Recording time is one minute

The current recording can be kept once, but the recording cannot be saved after being played

Recording operation: 1. Long press the speaker playback button for more than 2 seconds to enter the recording mode, and short press the playback button to play the recording after the recording is completed; 2. Use APP recording function to record

Can speakers be connected in series? How to connect? Why can't it be connected in series? (TWS function)

The speakers with TWS function are: POWER, PRO, TREK, Macchiato, MOCHA

2 ways to connect to the box: 1.2 speakers are all in the pairing state (Bluetooth, etc. flashing), short press the box button of one of the speakers to enter the box mode, and one of the Bluetooth lights on the pairing will be on

2. Use the mobile phone to connect one of the machines to Bluetooth (Bluetooth, etc., long on), and the other machine is in the pairing state (Bluetooth, etc. flashing), short press the TWS button of the connected Bluetooth machine to enter the pairing state, and know the other one The bluetooth light of the machine is always on to connect to the box.

Please refer to the instruction manual for the box button of each speaker

Standby time of the product?

Traditional speakers will automatically turn off in 20 minutes when they are turned on and paired. When connecting to Bluetooth or playing songs, they will not turn off until the battery is low.

Pixel speakers will not automatically shut down when turned on. You can change the automatic shutdown time in the APP settings or through the speaker buttons.

All speakers can last more than 700 days in the off state.

Can I set my favorite song as alarm ringtone?

Can't set your favorite song as alarm ringtone

Sleep mode has no function?

1. Make sure that the APP sleep mode is turned on after connecting the speaker.

2. Kill the app and re-enter the app to see if the sleep mode is turned on

3. Sleep mode can only be realized in a very quiet environment (below 30DB), and the screen will light up immediately when the environment is higher than the decibel value.

About the hardware

Product Bluetooth chip?

The Bluetooth chip of traditional speakers without pixels is Actions

The Bluetooth speaker with pixel screen is from Ankai

Little coffee is from BK


Product speaker size/number?

Reference manual of each model power back to customer

1.TIVOO 45MM/1pc

2.Timebox-EVO 45MM/1pc

3.Timoo 45MM/1pc

4.Ditoo 45MM/1pcs (square)

5. Tivoo-max 45MM/2pcs (square)+78mm/1pcs (square)

6.Stained 40MM / 1pc

7. Mocha 55MM/2pcs (square)+22MM/2pcs

8.PRO 2.5 inch/2pcs+31mm/2pcs

9.POWER 53MM/2pcs+22mm/2pcs

10.Small coffee 33mm/1pc

11.OUTDOR 52MM/2pcs+31MM/2pcs

12.TREK 45MM/1pc

14.Party2 78MM/2pcs+31MM/2pcs

Voice control mode does not work?

1. Confirm that the APP has connected the speakers and turned on the voice control function

2. Is there any sound when the phone is connected to the speaker AUDIO to make a call or use the recording function?

No sound means the speaker MIC is broken or the MIC is blocked

If there is sound, kill the mobile APP in the background, reconnect the speaker to check whether the sound control switch is normally turned on

Charging indicator, charging time?

1. TIVOO V1.3 hardware version has no indicator light. V1.5-V1.7 hardware version will turn on red when charging and turn off when fully charged. Charging time: 3H

2. When Timebox-EVO is charging, the light will be red, and the light will be off when it is fully charged. Charging time: 3H

3. When Timoo is charging, the light will be red, and the light will be off when it is fully charged. Charging time: 3-3.5H

4. Ditoo charging lights up in red and turns off when fully charged. Charging time: 3-3.5H

5. Tivoo-max will turn on red when charging, and turn off when fully charged. Charging time: 5-6H

6. Macchiato turns on red when charging, and turns off when fully charged. Charging time: 2.5H

7. Mocha with charging indicator white light, full 5 white lights are always on Charging time: fast charge 3-3.5H slow charge 6-7H

8. PRO with charging indicator blue light, full of 5 blue lights always on Charging time: 8-9H

9.POWER blue light with charging indicator, full of 5 blue lights, always on Charging time: 7-8H

10. Little coffee, the red light is on when charging, and the light is off when fully charged. Charging time: 2-3H

11.OUTDOR charging lights up in red, full of lights off, charging time: 4-5H

12. TREK charging lights up in red, full of lights lights up in green, charging time: 3H

14.Party2 blue light with charging indicator, 5 blue lights are always on when fully charged Charging time: 4-5H

All keys can not be used?

Hardware problem repair

The voice reduces the brightness to a black screen?

What should I do if the brightness of the device cannot be adjusted by pressing the button after using voice to reduce the brightness of the device to 0 on the timing page.

Turn on and off again or use voice to increase brightness

Is the phone playing after connecting to Bluetooth?

1. Android: Enter the phone settings to find the Bluetooth settings, find the connected Bluetooth-click the setting symbol-open the media music (the description of different phones is similar)

2. Apple: Check if the player is switched to mobile phone playback

3. If you want to connect AUDIO with pixels, the connection APP is Light

4. No problem with the above operations, restart the phone

APP alarm clock will not alarm every other day?

This is due to the time deviation between the APP and the hardware crystal oscillator

Use APP to upgrade the device online to solve

Why are smart reminders useless?

First determine whether the speaker is connected to the APP, and click on the smart reminder to confirm the authorization.

Android phone:

  One: Android confirm whether the application that needs to be reminded can be displayed in the status bar of the phone, if it cannot be displayed, find the settings-turn on the permission in the notification center.

  Two: The APP must run in the background, and use the APP to connect to the device, and the device cannot be disconnected. It is to send reminders to the device through the APP


1: First click the smart reminder, the phone will prompt for authorization, click to confirm;

2: The Bluetooth of the mobile phone is turned on and can be connected with the device;

Three: The mobile phone's own software can have a pop-up window function, like WeChat, when there is a WeChat message, the mobile phone will show a message bar to remind you.

4: If the phone does not pop up, please check the settings of the phone. Turn on the phone pop up function

Common problem

Can the light of the ditoo keyboard be turned off?

Long press the menu key to turn off the keyboard light (light key off)

The weather temperature displayed by the device does not match the actual temperature?

1. Is there an authorized APP positioning

2. Whether the phone positioning is turned on

Cannot recognize TF card?

1. Confirm whether there is a song in the TF card, and the song format is MP3 format

2. Does the TF card capacity exceed 128G (some speakers are 64G)

3. Confirm whether the TF card is good (change TF)

4. The above ruled out that the high probability is that there is a problem with the speaker itself

Users can't display APP community pictures normally when using Android phones?

1. Check if the network is normal

2. Whether the mobile phone has turned off the animation display

APP cannot log in?

1: First determine whether the user's mobile phone network is normal, and ask the user to switch between 4G and the local network to try;

2: Kill the app and try again;

3: It may be that there is a problem with the local network accessing our server. We only have a server in Voice of America Silicon Valley overseas. We can only let the user name try it later.