The Pixel Bluetooth Speaker Divoom Tivoo is a small TV with good effect.-divoom

by divoom-direct

The Pixel Bluetooth Speaker Divoom Tivoo is a small TV with good effect.

I still remember that when I was a child, I especially liked playing red and white game consoles, and I could even say the phrase "Aha! Little bully, it's so much fun!", pixel art games were still relatively fashionable in those days, and black and white machines brought childhood memories. Have a lot of happy times. As the age gradually gets older, the black and white machine gradually drifts away, but the same thing still prefers the memory of pixel style. Some time ago, I saw that many people were posting a more interesting pixel Bluetooth speaker, Divoom Tivoo.

The color styles of the Divoom Tivoo pixel Bluetooth speaker are red, pink, green, blue, white, and black, and I chose the red model. The outer packaging of the Bluetooth speaker is designed with a relatively delicate plastic shell, with a paper label in the middle, and the front of the label is the actual picture of the Bluetooth speaker.

Unpacking, you can see that there are some anti-collision protection measures inside the package. When I first saw the Divoom Tivoo Pixel Bluetooth Speaker, the first impression I felt was a bit like a black and white TV set in my childhood.

The Divoom Tivoo pixel Bluetooth speaker has a lot of packaging accessories, a MicroUSB data cable, a 3.5mm audio cable, and a user manual, and some pixel stickers and pixel postcards are also included.

The front of the Divoom Tivoo pixel Bluetooth speaker is a 2.52-inch pixel display. The display adopts a 16x16 pixel dot matrix display design. This pixel style is also my personal favorite.

The main buttons of the Divoom Tivoo pixel Bluetooth speaker belt are designed on the right side of the display screen, using knob design and button design. The top is the screen display adjustment knob, the middle is the volume adjustment knob, and the bottom is the connection mode adjustment button. The rotary design is mainly controlled by clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. The knob can not only be rotated but also can be pressed to switch. Below the key is the location of its microphone.

The body of the Divoom Tivoo pixel Bluetooth speaker is made of piano paint technology, and the color looks brighter. The top of the speaker is its speaker unit, and the speaker is a 1.8-inch 6W full-range speaker.

The Divoom Tivoo pixel BlueTooth speaker is designed with a bass air duct on the back. This design can make the bass performance a little better. Below the air duct is designed a power switch button, AUX audio input hole, TF card slot, MicroUSB charging interface, and a reset button, The design of these interfaces allows it to be played in a variety of ways, and these interfaces also have a silicone protective cover, which can play a better dust-proof role.

The bottom of the pixel bluetooth speaker has four feet, and the feet are designed with two sections of metal and silicone. The design of silicone can increase its anti-slip effect. There are some product-related information and various certification marks in the middle of the four feet.

Divoom Tivoo pixel BlueTooth speaker is relatively simple to use. After power on, users can choose different connection methods. The default is the Bluetooth connection method. Short press the mode switch button to switch. The brightness of the light cannot be adjusted directly through the speaker.

There are still many screen display styles of the pixel Bluetooth speaker. Users can switch through the screen display adjustment button. Perhaps in order to facilitate the user's rotation operation, the button adopts a 360-degree rotational symmetry design, which is roughly counted, plus the page of the screen, There seem to be 11 switchable settings in total.

The screen of the Divoom Tivoo pixel Bluetooth speaker can display a variety of states. In addition to a certain screen state, you can also press the knob to switch the current state. Only the time screen is displayed and there are four preset modes that can be adjusted.

Except for the static pixel photo frame mode, which is a static display, most of the other screen displays are dynamic display effects. When the Divoom Tivoo pixel Bluetooth speaker screen is displayed in a dynamic picture, it is also possible to switch between different pictures by pressing the adjustment knob.

The Divoom Tivoo pixel Bluetooth speaker is designed with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. The battery capacity is 3000mAh. It can be used for 6-8 hours normally. Short press the power button behind the Bluetooth speaker to display the current battery level. A slight disadvantage is that when charging, you need to press the power button for a short time to display the charging power.

The Divoom Tivoo pixel Bluetooth speaker also has game functions, which can only be triggered through the APP. The APP now has five built-in pixel games. After these games are triggered, they can be operated and controlled through the two knobs on the speaker. It is good to have fun when you are free, but it may be a little difficult to operate at first.

After the Bluetooth speaker is linked with the APP, its playability and operability are still much more, and the better design is that the pictures it makes can be saved or shared through the cloud, allowing more users to participate. Into various interactions, and it is also a good potential for children to tap.

Many people buy speakers to experience the performance of the tri-band. The Divoom Tivoo pixel Bluetooth speaker uses a 6w full-frequency speaker, and the sound quality performance should not be too bad. In the actual experience, the midrange and treble performance are also relatively good. Although there is the blessing of the heavy bass air duct, the overall performance gives me the feeling that the bass effect is not as good as the midrange and treble performance.