Playable and attractive bluetooth speaker - DIVOOM Ditoo-divoom

by divoom-direct

Playable and attractive bluetooth speaker - DIVOOM Ditoo

Pixel art has long been an art form that has swept the world. Although its appearance is limited by the technological level of the year, its continuous attention itself reflects the irreplaceability of this art form. However, if this art form is crossed into the field of speakers, what kind of sparks can the two spark? Then take a closer look at this DIVOOM Ditoo Pixel Bluetooth speaker measured by Zealer.

Appearance is almost perfect

Ditoo's packaging is really eye-catching. The box of the same color as the speaker body, with a transparent front cover, is both good-looking and storage-friendly, and the rubber handle on the top adds a bit of portability to the Ditoo.

In addition to the speaker body and the charging cable, two stickers are included in the package. The patterns on the stickers are all that cute pixel pattern.

Ditoo itself has a variety of colors, and the main style is pure retro style. The overall shape looks like a 30-year-old desktop: a big-ass CRT monitor paired with a mechanical keyboard.

To be honest, Ditoo is the first time that wireless speakers use mechanical keyboard-style controls. In terms of button feel, it is relatively crisp, similar to the paragraph feeling of the green axis. At the functional level, 6 buttons can control volume addition and subtraction, track switching, screen display and menu switching. Seems like the play/pause key for audio playback is missing? How could such an important control requirement be forgotten? See, the attached gold rocker on the right side of the keyboard is actually a multi-function control lever.

Ditoo is equipped with a 10w speaker, and a guide hole is designed on the back of the speaker to increase low frequency performance. This unambiguous design standard also provides a better guarantee for the quality of external speakers.

On the bottom side of the Ditoo, there are also switch keys, charging ports and TF card slots.

Excellent audio playback

For the "main business" of Bluetooth speakers - audio playback, Ditoo can be used in a variety of ways. The first one is the traditional Bluetooth direct connection of the mobile phone; the second one can play the global music radio through DIVOOM's official voice-on-demand App; the third one is through the TF card.

I actually tried to play radio music with the Dianyin App. There are indeed a lot of radio stations, both at home and abroad.

As a speaker, the playback effect could not be ignored at that time. Thanks to the 10W speakers, such a large amount of energy can be burst out in a small volume, and indoor playback can be completed without pressure at half the basic volume. The overall performance of the sound quality is relatively solid, even if it is fully opened, there is almost no broken sound. Bass performance is also acceptable. Overall, the sound quality is still satisfactory.

Pixel screen with high playability
Intuitively, the biggest difference between Ditoo and ordinary Bluetooth speakers is that it has a screen, and this is not an ordinary screen, it is a 16x16 LED pixel screen.

This 16 million color pixel screen can play a variety of display effects.

In addition to some built-in effects, we can also use the Douyin App to create our own, and create our own pixel animation effects to show our personality.

Of course, the Dianyin App has actually collected a large group of pixel art lovers from all over the world. On this big community platform, you can see all kinds of awesome pixel art works, and even sync directly to our Ditoo.

If you think this screen is just a display window for pixel art, then you underestimate the developer too much. With the help of buttons, we can even play games directly through the speakers. Playing games with a speaker, you shouldn't have thought of it, right?

Not only that, Ditoo also has many useful functions. Such as clock display, weather query, game scoring and so on.